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How should a country’s ‘goodness’ be measured?

CS Monitor, April 9, 2015

Simon Anholt says we should measure a country’s success through its engagement with the world, and has set up an index to that end. His No. 1? Ireland.

By Sara Miller Llana, Staff writer Jason Walsh, Correspondent

BRUSSELS; AND DUBLIN, IRELAND — Economic indicators in Ireland are finally pointing in the right direction: GDP is growing, incomes are creeping back up, and unemployment is expected to fall to single figures for the first time in eight years. Even the hordes of Irish who fled the country during the height of the 2008 financial crisis and bailout are returning home. This is good news that any government would want to trumpet.

Is revolution afoot in Irish politics?

CS Monitor, March 17, 2015

The longstanding dominance of Ireland’s two main parties is under pressure amid ongoing economic woes. New party Renua has formed on the right, while interest has surged in parties on the left.

By Jason Walsh, Correspondent

Could Dublin tax protests break the dam of Irish politics?

CS Monitor, December 11, 2014

Tens of thousands of Dubliners took to the streets yesterday to express anger over the proposed water tax. It’s just the latest in a string of austerity moves that have put voters on edge.

By Jason Walsh, Correspondent

Ian Paisley, a firebrand Unionist who made peace late in life

CS Monitor, September 12, 2014

Ian Paisley in the EU parliament once shouted at Pope John Paul II, ‘I denounce you as the anti-Christ.’ But he later toned done his hatred for Catholics, even working with former members of the IRA. He died today.
By Jason Walsh, Correspondent

Arthur’s Day binges aside, it is time to tell the sober truth

Sunday Independent, July 6, 2014

Inflating the status of alcoholism and calling three drinks a binge helps 
absolutely no one, says Jason Walsh

‘Smart drug’ not such a bright idea

Irish Examiner, June 30, 2014


MODAFINIL is just the latest ‘smart drug’ or ‘nootropic’ to be used illicitly to enhance intellectual performance.

Just as athletes have improved performance by doping, so too have students and others engaged in mental labour. But is Modafinil dangerous and does it actually work?

That story about irish babies buried in a septic tank was shocking. It also wasn’t entirely true.

The New Republic, June 23, 2014

Today’s international news cycle and old Irish tendencies created a perfect storm of outrage.

Jason Walsh

Read the full story in The New Republic.

Un-writing history: The ‘right’ to be forgotten

VoxEurop, June 10, 2014

Jason Walsh

Google has announced it has taken steps to comply with the EU’s freshly minted ‘right to be forgotten’. Is this a cause for celebration or are history and truth under threat?

Has Europe turned fascist, really?

VoxEurop (formerly PressEurop), May 29, 2014

Europe has voted for fascists. It’s the end of the world as we know it—except it’s not.

Jason Walsh

Irish support for Palestine, opposition to Israel is on the rise

The New Republic, May 20, 2014


Read the story in The New Republic magazine.