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New protests, same ‘troubles’ as riots roil Belfast

CS Monitor, July 16, 2013

A government ban on a parade organized by pro-British unionists has opened old wounds about national identity in Northern Ireland.

By Jason Walsh, Correspondent

DUBLIN, IRELAND—Four nights of violent disorder in Northern Ireland that were sparked after a Protestant parade was banned from marching through a Catholic part of north Belfast have injured 71 police and several bystanders.

Ireland allows abortion for first time, but at political cost

CS Monitor, July 12, 2013

Despite broad support for the law in parliament, the debate opened up cracks within several parties.

By Jason Walsh, Correspondent

DUBLIN, IRELAND—After two nights of heated arguments, occasionally descending into farce, the Irish parliament voted to permit abortion in limited circumstances, marking a major change in the country’s attitude to the morality of reproductive rights.

Despite fiery all-night debate, Ireland’s abortion bill inches toward law

CS Monitor, July 11, 2013

Passage of the bill, which would legalize abortion in Ireland for the first time, looks all but assured.

By Jason Walsh, Correspondent

DUBLIN, IRELAND—Despite two nights of sturm und drang in the Irish parliament – including an all-night debate last night – it is all but guaranteed that Ireland will soon permit abortion in limited circumstances.

Ignoring the elephant

CS Monitor Weekly, July 1, 2013

Western leaders target tax cheats, ignore Syria

By Jason Walsh, Correspondent


‘Yes, officer, both those passports are mine’

NSFW Corp, June 20, 2013

World leaders came to Northern Ireland to discuss tax, transparency and trade. Instead they had an argument about Syria and even the usual anti-globalization protesters couldn’t be bothered paying any attention to them.

G8 wraps with progress on tax evasion – but not on Syria

CS Monitor, June 18, 2013

The summit leaders agreed to crack down on money laundering and illegal tax evasion, but Russia and the West remain at odds over how to resolve the Syrian civil war.

By Jason Walsh, Correspondent

ENNISKILLEN, NORTHERN IRELAND—The sun came out at Lough Erne Resort in Northern Ireland today, the last day of the G8 summit, as leaders of the group announced they have agreed on new measures to clamp down on money laundering, illegal tax evasion, and – one of the political hot buttons of the day – corporate tax avoidance.

Obama arrives for tough G8 summit in Northern Ireland

CS Monitor, June 17, 2013

From Syria, to spying, to an angry Vladimir Putin on his plate, President Barack Obama arrived in Northern Ireland for the G8 summit today.

By Jason Walsh, Correspondent

BELFAST, NORTHERN IRELAND—President Obama’s stop in Belfast on his way to the G8 summit was meant to be a feel-good interlude before tackling disputes over the civil war in Syria and controversy over revelations of US and UK spying at past meetings.

Changing times: G8 leaders head to bucolic Northern Ireland

CS Monitor, June 16, 2013

As recently as five years ago it would have been unthinkable to gather the world’s most powerful leaders in Northern Ireland. The two-day G8 conference opens tomorrow.

By Jason Walsh, Correspondent

ENNISKILLEN, NORTHERN IRELAND—As recently as five years ago it would have been unthinkable to gather the world’s most powerful leaders in Northern Ireland. Things have changed as the G8 summit gets ready to start Monday.

The ear of the storm

NSFW Corp, June 13, 2013

By Jason Walsh

Former tech contractor to the National Security Agency, Edward Snowden, dropped a bombshell this week by exposing, via Guardian blogger Glenn Greenwald, details of a massive US government snooping program called PRISM.

Zero Marx

NSFW Corp, June 5, 2013

By Jason Walsh

This past weekend in London a group of radicals met to plot the overthrow of the government, business, patriarchy and just about everything else. How do I know? Alas, dear reader, I didn’t find out about it in time, so I wasn’t able to infiltrate this shadowy cell of dangerous revolutionaries.

Instead I looked at their web site.