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This list is non-exhaustive and sporadic. I don’t have a lot of time to do it, it’s tedious and there are a lot of spam sites to trawl through. A link is not an endorsement.


— September 6: Some brief mention of my piece ‘Rioting for more cultural recognitionin Politics.ie, as well as on US conservative-turned-liberal site Little Green Footballs.

— September 5: All sorts of grousing by commentors at Slugger O’Toole about my piece, written with Stephen Rainey, in the Irish Examiner, headlined: The North: A cautionary tale of reconciliation

— August 12: Sacha Lamont at Subwhite Cube describes my obit of Robert Hughes as “one of the most candid farewell articles I read among quite a few tasteless, pointless and heartless ones”.

— August 11: Weekend Libertarian notes my obit of Robert Hughes.

— July 13: Boston College Subpoena notes my CSM story on the… Boston College Subpoena.

— May 26: E-Cigarette Forum discuss my Spiked piece, How smokers’ rights are being vapourised.

— February 28: Bulldog Edition notes my CSM story on Piano Media’s Slovak paywall.


— December 9: Wall Street Journal Business Blog picks up on my CSM story Why Germany raises ire in a struggling Europe.

— November 14 Big Think picks up on my PressEurop piece, A how many speeds Europe?

— October 2: Politics.ie poster notes my review of Tommy McKearney’s book, ‘The Provisional IRA’.

— October 2: An Sionnach Fionn notes my review of Tommy McKearney’s book, ‘The Provisional IRA’.

— September 19: Institute of Peace and Conflict Studies links to my WT story on German nuclear pullout a day before it was in the paper (had already gone up on the web site, no time travelling was required).

— September 17: Voices from the Desert picks up Irish Times piece on clerical abuse.

— June 25: Anatoly Karlin notes my interviewing him for my WT Arctic resources story.

— June 23: Tom Gallagher of the National Catholic Reporter quotes my CSM story on Belfast riots.

— June 23: The Westerner picked-up my WT report on Arctic resource disputes.

— June 22: Pew Forum on Religion in Public life picked-up my CSM story on Belfast riots.

— June 22: Canada Free press picked-up my Arctic resource story in the WT.

— June 21: A user on Lucianne,com picks a bone with my CSM article on the cause of riots in Belfast, citing a Belfast Telegraph article to (incorrectly) claim that in this case “both sides” were to blame. He also says Catholics support the UVF and Protestants the IRA. Go figure.

— June 21: Free Republic picked-up my story on Arctic resource disputes.

— June 4: Richard Dawkins gives a brief mention of my CSM report on World Atheist Conference.

— June 4: PZ Myers notes my interview with him for my CSM report on the World Atheist Conference. Also twittered here.

—May 31: Democratic Underground enjoys the story of the severed head of St Vitalis (it’s not his head, but it was someone’s) being sold. Published by the Independent of London.

— May 24: TheBeerBarrel.net picks-up my CSM report on Obama in Ireland, as does ThePhora.net


— November 3, 2010: Citation of my Irish Times story ‘Uncertain future for Belfast’s Jews’ at the Impala Publishers blog.


— November 5, 2009: Daily Kos notes my story “No, I’m the real Irish republican” in Spiked.