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Ian Paisley, a firebrand Unionist who made peace late in life

CS Monitor, September 12, 2014 Ian Paisley in the EU parliament once shouted at Pope John Paul II, ‘I denounce you as the anti-Christ.’ But he later toned done his hatred for Catholics, even working with former members of the IRA. He died today. By Jason Walsh, Correspondent

BRIEFING: N. Ireland’s tense peace

CS Monitor Weekly, May 10, 2014 (cover date May 19) Arrest of Sinn Féin leader recalls ‘the Troubles.’ Could it restart them? By Jason Walsh, Corespondent—THE ARREST OF IRISH REPUBLICAN leader Gerry Adams pushed Northern Ireland’s nearly three decades of ‘the Troubles’ back to the fore. The Sinn Féin leader was questioned about the 1972 [...]

Gerry Adams arrest: jolt in Ireland

CS Monitor Daily News Briefing, May 3, 2014 Could action against Sinn Féin leader Gerry Adams harm the peace process? By Jason Walsh, Correspondent DUBLIN, IRELAND—The arrest of Gerry Adams, the leader of Irish republican party Sinn Féin, in connection with an unsolved 1972 murder has raised questions about Northern Ireland’s peace process, just weeks [...]

Gerry Adams arrest: Will Northern Ireland peace pay a price?

CS Monitor, May 1, 2014 Irish republican leader Gerry Adams was arrested Wednesday in connection with a 1972 murder. Could it harm the peace process in Northern Ireland, sixteen years after a pact was signed? By Jason Walsh, Correspondent / May 1, 2014 DUBLIN, IRELAND—The arrest of Gerry Adams, the leader of Irish republican party [...]

Ireland renews push for offshore oil and gas

Monitor Global Outlook, March 28, 2014 Dublin | March 28, 2014 FULL BRIEFING The Irish government has granted new exploration licenses in the past two months to companies in a renewed effort to develop offshore oil and gas deposits.

Ireland’s new challenge: ‘brain drain’


Irish ask: What’s the big deal about letting gays in St. Pat’s parades?

CS Monitor, March 16, 2014 As organizers of the Boston and New York annual St. Patrick’s Day parades resist letting LGBT marchers in, many back in Ireland wonder what their problem is. By Jason Walsh, Correspondent DUBLIN, IRELAND—Irish-American communities, particularly in Boston and New York, are known for being cohesive, having a strong community spirit, [...]

A new great Irish emigration, this time of the educated

CS Monitor, March 15, 2014 Unlike its mass migrations in centuries past, Ireland is seeing its educated youth leaving the country in droves for better opportunities abroad. By Jason Walsh, Correspondent DUBLIN, IRELAND—During Ireland’s two-decade economic boom, the so-called Celtic Tiger, young people were referred to as “tiger cubs.”

St. Patrick’s Day challenge: How much do you really know about Ireland?

CS Monitor, March 14, 2014 Forty shades of green, top o’ the morning to you, begorrah — everyone knows the Irish clichés, but Ireland is a small country with a rich and complex past. Its history includes not only revolutions and wars, but also artists, writers, and scientists. And while it may not be a [...]

Is ‘secret immunity’ for IRA suspects really to blame for new N. Ireland controversy?

CS Monitor, February 28, 2014 British and unionist Northern Irish officials expressed dismay over the collapse of an IRA bombing trial in London over a letter informing the suspect he was not to be tried. By Jason Walsh, Correspondent DUBLIN, IRELAND