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Ireland renews push for offshore oil and gas

Monitor Global Outlook, March 28, 2014 Dublin | March 28, 2014 FULL BRIEFING The Irish government has granted new exploration licenses in the past two months to companies in a renewed effort to develop offshore oil and gas deposits.

A new great Irish emigration, this time of the educated

CS Monitor, March 15, 2014 Unlike its mass migrations in centuries past, Ireland is seeing its educated youth leaving the country in droves for better opportunities abroad. By Jason Walsh, Correspondent DUBLIN, IRELAND—During Ireland’s two-decade economic boom, the so-called Celtic Tiger, young people were referred to as “tiger cubs.”

Briefing: Greece’s Golden Dawn

CS Monitor Weekly, October 16, 2013 What’s behind the rise of this violent, extremist nationalist party?

Ignoring the elephant

CS Monitor Weekly, July 1, 2013 Western leaders target tax cheats, ignore Syria By Jason Walsh, Correspondent ENNISKILLEN, NORTHERN IRELAND

All the cool kids are doing it—making money

NSFW Corp, May 22, 2013 By Jason Walsh Years and years ago, as a kid, I used to listen to short wave radio. It was a fantastic way to hear top-notch news reporting from the BBC World Service, Radio Netherlands and my future employer The Christian Science Monitor, but that’s not why I was listening. [...]

Horsemeat scandal spreads, testing EU’s reputation for food standards

CS Monitor, February 15, 2013 UK tests have found few cases of horsemeat-tainted beef, officials said Friday. While the threat to humans is low, many worry an EU-wide trail of alleged criminality in the food-supply chain could spark panic. By Jason Walsh

ECB nod allows Ireland to shut down toxic bank, easing debt pressures

CS Monitor, February 7, 2013 Ireland closed down the bankrupt Anglo Irish Bank in 2011, absorbing its debt and assets into a state-owned bank. Overnight, it voted to shut down that bank as well. By Jason Walsh, Correspondent

Cometh the hour, cometh the (same) man

PressEurop, August 28, 2012 WORKING HOURS Recently published EU research says that full-time workers are pulling longer shifts in the face of ongoing economic slump, but hours worked do not equal productivity, says Jason Walsh.

Decline of the Euro vacation

CS Monitor Weekly, August 28, 2012 (dated week of September 3) Click here to download PDF

Long cherished, the shorter workweek loses ground in Europe

CS Monitor, August 21, 2012 Since the economic crisis hit in Europe, aggregate hours for full-time workers have increased across the European Union, according to a new report.