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‘Yes, officer, both those passports are mine’

NSFW Corp, June 20, 2013 By Jason Walsh World leaders came to Northern Ireland to discuss tax, transparency and trade. Instead they had an argument about Syria and even the usual anti-globalization protesters couldn’t be bothered paying any attention to them.

The ear of the storm

NSFW Corp, June 13, 2013 By Jason Walsh Former tech contractor to the National Security Agency, Edward Snowden, dropped a bombshell this week by exposing, via Guardian blogger Glenn Greenwald, details of a massive US government snooping program called PRISM.

Zero Marx

NSFW Corp, June 5, 2013 By Jason Walsh This past weekend in London a group of radicals met to plot the overthrow of the government, business, patriarchy and just about everything else. How do I know? Alas, dear reader, I didn’t find out about it in time, so I wasn’t able to infiltrate this shadowy cell [...]

Tax-free radicals

NSFW Corp, May 31, 2013 By Jason Walsh Thanks to one little bipartisan Senate committee hearing, Ireland’s fiscal policy has become headline news across the globe.

All the cool kids are doing it—making money

NSFW Corp, May 22, 2013 By Jason Walsh Years and years ago, as a kid, I used to listen to short wave radio. It was a fantastic way to hear top-notch news reporting from the BBC World Service, Radio Netherlands and my future employer The Christian Science Monitor, but that’s not why I was listening. [...]

Ireland legalizes abortion, makes it impossible

NSFW Corp, May 8, 2013 By Jason Walsh I’ve been writing about abortion law in Ireland, on and off, for almost a decade now. You’d think there’s not much to write about in a country that effectively forbids abortion in both of its states (the independent Republic of Ireland and British-controlled Northern Ireland). Of course [...]

Abortion: make the case in public, not in court

Spiked, April 24, 2013 Following the Savita tragedy, Irish pro-choice activists should be engaging with the public, not cosying up to judges. By Jason Walsh

Maggie was not the problem

NSFW Corp, April 9, 2013 DUBLIN, IE: The death of Margaret Thatcher has given the British left the opportunity to indulge in the thing it prefers to politics: historical reenactment.

Why Ireland’s new abortion law is mad

Spiked, January 3, 2013 It is not a step forward for women’s liberation to provide abortions for women who claim to be suicidal. By Jason Walsh

Boy or girl, Kate’s royal offspring likely to reign – eventually

CS Monitor, December 3, 2012 The centuries-old tradition that gave male children precedence in succession to the British throne has been scrapped, with a new gender-equal law coming soon.