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Ireland renews push for offshore oil and gas

Monitor Global Outlook, March 28, 2014 Dublin | March 28, 2014 FULL BRIEFING The Irish government has granted new exploration licenses in the past two months to companies in a renewed effort to develop offshore oil and gas deposits.

A new great Irish emigration, this time of the educated

CS Monitor, March 15, 2014 Unlike its mass migrations in centuries past, Ireland is seeing its educated youth leaving the country in droves for better opportunities abroad. By Jason Walsh, Correspondent DUBLIN, IRELAND—During Ireland’s two-decade economic boom, the so-called Celtic Tiger, young people were referred to as “tiger cubs.”

Is ‘secret immunity’ for IRA suspects really to blame for new N. Ireland controversy?

CS Monitor, February 28, 2014 British and unionist Northern Irish officials expressed dismay over the collapse of an IRA bombing trial in London over a letter informing the suspect he was not to be tried. By Jason Walsh, Correspondent DUBLIN, IRELAND

Briefing: Greece’s Golden Dawn

CS Monitor Weekly, October 16, 2013 What’s behind the rise of this violent, extremist nationalist party?

Briefing: Golden Dawn: five things to know about Greece’s ‘neo-Nazi’ party

CS Monitor, October 3, 2013 The leader of Greece’s far-right Golden Dawn party, Nikolaos Mihaloliakos, was jailed today pending trial – the latest move in the Greek government’s crackdown against the racist political party, which has seen 21 of its members arrested, including five parliamentarians. Mr. Mihaloliakos himself faces charges of running a criminal organization. [...]

Is Ireland turning its back on Guinness?

CS Monitor, September 26, 2013 A nascent Irish movement tired of the country’s drinking culture is targeting Guinness and the annual bacchanal ‘Arthur’s Day’ celebration it sponsors. What’s going on here? By Jason Walsh, Correspondent / September 26, 2013 DUBLIN—The black stout is synonymous with Ireland, so ubiquitous that it is presented to every visiting [...]

New yet old ‘troubles’ rock Belfast

CS Monitor Daily News Briefing, July 17, 2013 Protests follow ban on parade of pro-British unionists. By Jason Walsh, Correspondent BELFAST, IRELAND—Four nights of violent disorder in Northern Ireland that were sparked after a Protestant parade was banned from marching through a Catholic part of north Belfast have injured 71 police and several bystanders.

New protests, same ‘troubles’ as riots roil Belfast

CS Monitor, July 16, 2013 A government ban on a parade organized by pro-British unionists has opened old wounds about national identity in Northern Ireland. By Jason Walsh, Correspondent DUBLIN, IRELAND—Four nights of violent disorder in Northern Ireland that were sparked after a Protestant parade was banned from marching through a Catholic part of north [...]

Ireland allows abortion for first time, but at political cost

CS Monitor, July 12, 2013 Despite broad support for the law in parliament, the debate opened up cracks within several parties. By Jason Walsh, Correspondent DUBLIN, IRELAND—After two nights of heated arguments, occasionally descending into farce, the Irish parliament voted to permit abortion in limited circumstances, marking a major change in the country’s attitude to [...]

Despite fiery all-night debate, Ireland’s abortion bill inches toward law

CS Monitor, July 11, 2013 Passage of the bill, which would legalize abortion in Ireland for the first time, looks all but assured. By Jason Walsh, Correspondent DUBLIN, IRELAND—Despite two nights of sturm und drang in the Irish parliament – including an all-night debate last night – it is all but guaranteed that Ireland will [...]