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‘Tea Party socialists?’ Why the left is leading a tax revolt in Ireland

CS Monitor, April 1, 2012 As the deadline passed midnight Sunday for payment of a new government fee, only 49 percent of households had signed up to pay amid frustration with the government’s austerity agenda. By Jason Walsh, Correspondent / April 1, 2012

Ireland votes — will Europe listen?

PressEurop, March 1, 2012 Ireland will go to the polls on the eurozone fiscal compact. It can’t derail the deal, but Irish objections can’t be written off, says Jason Walsh.

Bucharest’s blues

PressEurop, February 7, 2012 Romania has become the latest EU country to see its government collapse in the face of planned austerity measures. Isn’t it time to think again, asks Jason Walsh.

No extradition for Irishman accused of selling North Korean forged dollars

CS Monitor, December 21, 2011 Ireland’s High Court ruled against extraditing former Irish political party leader Seán Garland to the US, where he has been indicted for circulating North Korean forgeries of $100 bills. By Jason Walsh, Correspondent / December 21, 2011

Politics leaves the EU

December 12, 2011 POLITICAL CRISIS Britain standing outside Europe is a failure for the EU more than it is for Britain, says Jason Walsh.

Don’t invest too much in bank-bashing

PressEurop, November 24, 2011 FINANCE Banks acted stupidly, but the fashion for denigrating finance is going too far. By Jason Walsh

Europe debt crisis spreads to stronger economies

CS Monitor, November 16, 2011 Yesterday, investors began dumping bonds, even in stronger economies like Austria and Finland. The sell-off shows a need for bolder solutions to the European debt crisis, say some. By Jason Walsh, Correspondent DUBLIN, IRELAND—Just days ago, Greece and Italy’s new governments were hailed as the solution to the European debt [...]

‘Occupy’ could do with an occupation

PressEurop, November 16, 2011 OCCUPY MOVEMENT Love or loathe the Occupy movement, one thing is for sure: it represents a decisive break from the political struggles of the past. In fact, it mirrors the economic malaise that has gripped many Western economies in the past two decades – deindustrialisation.

A how many speeds Europe?

PressEurop, November 14, 2011 ECONOMIC INTEGRATION As the EU flounders in the face of reality, another non-solution to the eurozone’s woes is being proposed: more control, less democracy and a long slump.

All eyes on Europe

PressEurop, November 11, 2011 JOURNALISM AND THE EUROCRISIS At least the eurocrisis means – for once – the EU isn’t dull. Let’s make the most of this opportunity to start taking it seriously. By Jason Walsh